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Pipeline filter series
Industrial filters, duplex filter, gas filter, pre-pump filter, circulating water filter, diesel filter, crude oil filter, temporary filter, high pressure filter, seawater filter, T-type filter, cone filter and special materials filters
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Y-type filter
SBY series Y-type filter
Y-type filter is widely used in steam, air, water, oil, and other media pipeline to protect the pipeline system on a variety of devices, such as pumps, valves, etc., from rust, welding slag and other debris within the pipe bring congestion and damage to the pipeline
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Basket filter
SBL series basket filter
Basket filters are widely used for liquid delivery in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber and other process pipelines, and compared to other pipe filters, the basket filter has a larger filtration area and longer service life.
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Horizontal basket filter
SBL horizontal basket filter
A horizontal basket filter is developed to adapt to different working conditions to ensure the same filtration efficiency.
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Online manual cleaning filter
YNTSH-ZS series online manual cleaning filter
The manual cleaning filter applies to a variety of water supply systems, process pipelines and industrial circulating water systems; especially for the non-stop system in 24-hour continuous operation the filter can ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. It is a compact and efficient filter.
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