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TS precision filter and cartridge
We hope that our perfect design, lean manufacturing, and effective after-sales service can ensure that all design indicators of each product can be given full play to.
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Stainless steel sintered felt cartridge
YNTSH - SZ Stainless steel sintered felt cartridge
Metal fiber sintered felt is made, stacked and is sintered at a high temperature by metal fiber with a micron-level diameter in a non-woven manner. Multi-layer metal fiber felt is formed into a pore gradient by different aperture layers, and an extremely high filtration precision and a greater dirt holding capacity of single-layer felt can be obtained under control.
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Stainless steel folded cartridge
YNTSH - SSZ Stainless steel folded cartridge
folded cartridge is made and welded with stainless steel or other alloy mesh grid, with a very high porosity, excellent mechanical properties, resistance to high and low temperature and good chemical stability; it is suitable for high flow filtration, vapor filtration, and pre-filtration of a variety of high and low temperature gases and liquids and high-precision strong corrosive fluid,
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Stainless steel powder sintered cartridge
YNTSH-SM Stainless steel powder sintered cartridge
The sintered cartridge is sintered by 316 low carbon stainless steel powder in an inert atmosphere by means of YNT proprietary technology. Before it is sintered the metal powder is extruded, but no adhesives and other substances are used herein.
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Wedged-shape cartridge
YNTSH-XII series wedge-shaped cartridge
X series cartridge cleverly follows the traditional wedge-shaped wire filter elements, and an innovative cone cartridge is designed. The wedge-shaped gap cartridge can effectively filter such fluids with a few adhesions and also applies to areas of coarse filter.
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ST Titanium cartridge
YNTSH - ST Titanium cartridge
Titanium cartridge (including tubular and plate type) is made by the raw material industrial high-purity titanium powder (99.4%), which is first screened, cooled and molded under static pressure, and is then sintered at a high temperature and high vacuum.
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SW metal membrane cartridge
YNTSH - SW metal membrane cartridge
Metal microporous membrane material is a filtration and separation material with small aperture,
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SPEA series cartridge
PE/PA sintered cartridge is sintered by particles with a molecular weight of more than 3 million; the particles are screened and then put into a mold with internal and external mirror before being pressurized under pressure in the sintering furnace, and at a certain temperature and in some time, it is discharged, cooled and formed outside the mold.
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