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Monocoque automatic backwashing filter
YNTSH - DS series monocoque automatic backwashing filter
DS series monocoque automatic backwashing filter is a multi-purpose automatic backwashing filtration system of YNT, and is used for separation of solid particles in liquid or gas. Its design and manufacture processes are monitored under the Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Pressure Vessel.
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Tubular automatic backwashing filter
YNTSH - LS series tubular automatic backwashing filter
When the automatic backwashing filter is used as a pre-filter of the reactors for hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrorefining and hydrogen desulfurization, this can effectively prevent the clogging of the catalyst bed, reduce the frequent manual switching operations and heavy filter cleaning, and avoid unnecessary downtime.
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Sucking automatic backwashing filter
YNTSH - SF series sucking automatic backwashing filter
SF series automatic filter provides automatic backwashing and cleaning operation, and is able to continuously separate impurities from water and other liquids. It is very simple to maintain and operation the filter, which can also continue to maintain a good running state even under harsh operating conditions.
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Automatic scraper cleaning filter
YNTSH - SX series automatic scraper cleaning filter
With innovative design and reliable performance, SX series filter is suitable in a wide range for precision filtering (30-1500 microns) of a variety of liquids, such as water, solvents, acid-base fluids, coolants and polymers; it can also handle the liquids with the viscosity up to 800,000 centipoises.
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Ceramic automatic cleaning filter
YNTSH - ST series ceramic automatic cleaning filter
Ceramic membrane filter, chemical processing ceramic filter, high temperature gas purification ceramic filter and high pressure ceramic filter
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Brush type automatic cleaning filter
SSF Series Automatic cleaning filter can provide you with a water filter, water filtration equipment and complete filtering solution used: water water filtration, cooling water filter, process water filtration, and maintenance of water filtration and wastewater treatment.
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